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Our Partners Provide Critical Resources for Children’s Education

We create strategic partnerships with charities as well as organizations that share our values and vision of investing in education to transform communities living in poverty. Together, we provide children and teachers with hope and opportunity.

Association of Christian Schools International.

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Global Education Plus and ACSI share a common goal of strengthening schools throughout Guatemala. Since 1978, ACSI enhances the professional and personal development of Christian educators by providing support for schools. ACSI enables us to supply tuition, textbooks, scholarship funds, teacher training, certification conferences, as well as remodel and build new schools. In fact, today Global Education Plus is assisting 600 teachers with scholarships in Central America through an online teacher training program.

Eastern Europe Gateway


Founded in June 2006, Eastern Europe Gateway is a registered non-profit and non-denominational Christian organization located in Romania. Their goal is to develop minitistries and resources in local churches across eastern European countries. Donate to EEG.

Leadership Development International

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Since 2005, Leadership Development International has provided training for more than 4,000 teachers and church leaders. Global Education Plus partners with Leadership Development International to help train Christian teachers. The teachers who take this training are often poorly paid and work in schools that are under-resourced.

Also, Global Education Plus partnered with Leadership Development International to help train local Christian teachers. The teachers who take this training are often poorly paid and often work in schools that are under-resourced,too. The teachers and schools serve families and fellowships who provide children with an education and also a Christian worldview.


Strickland Construction Company

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Strickland Construction Co. is a leading construction company of commercial and industrial projects in the Kansas City area. They partnered with Global Education Plus to provide schools in poverty stricken communities and help build new schools in Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and Haiti,too.



We have been privileged to reach out to Asian Muslims over the past several years. GEP assisted us in setting up an education office in a community in 2009 that is still being used to positively affect families today. Now we are hoping to come along side brothers and sisters of Asia to reach out to Muslims together. Our prayer is that God’s Kingdom would be established in many communities across Asia. We have been sent out by a number of groups and are joining an experienced team in 2017. We have been blessed with three children. They are growing fast and we are trying to keep up with them by home schooling. We do our best to include our kids in this life of ministry. It is together, with all His saints, we are stronger and are able to be His loving hands and feet bearing the good news.