Demi was our first student scholarship recipient.  She graduated at the top of her class from William Cornelius high school and currently attends the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala in Guatemala City.  Demi is one of two children in her family.  Her mother works as a teacher to support the family because her father is an alcoholic who does not contribute much to their support. Demi praises her mom with always providing her and her brother with opportunities to read and learn.

Demi attends an evangelical church where she has been involved in children’s ministry for 9 years.  She and three of her friends started a prayer group in her school because they felt there was a need there.  She has been told that she is creative.  Demi has participated in archaeology and art competitions, taking first place in archaeology.

Demi credits her uncle, who was like a father to her, with encouraging her to pursue her dreams.  She chose the career path of medicine with an emphasis on oncology because he died of cancer four years ago. She wants to work toward a cure for cancer.  Demi is in her third year of medical school taking a heavy load. The school year in Guatemala whether it’s public schools or universities is from January to November.  In her fourth year she hopes to intern at the hospital near her school while continuing to study.  Demi tells us that in order to become a doctor you must have 3 years of theory, 3 years of hospital internship and 3 years of speciality.  She is relying on her faith and trust in God to help her move forward.