Student Scholarship Program

GEP provides $1000 scholarships to three university students in Guatemala and Honduras. We’ve personally witnessed how your donations can impact the lives of children. Thus far, our student scholarship program has allowed students to further their education and even attend medical school.

Contact us to learn more about how students are chosen for this program.

GOAL = To add additional deserving and needy high school seniors to this program over the next few years.

Online Teacher Certification Program

Online Teacher Training & Certification Program

Global Education Plus believes quality education for children strengthens the entire community. In order to help the children, we must help teachers, too. Therefore, Global Education Plus provides scholarship assistance to teachers. The scholarship enables them to enroll in an online continuing education and certification program. Through the program, teachers are given resources that they can use to teach their students. Also, this programs gives them an opportunity for them to share their experiences with other teachers through online chat.

Help us reach our goal to increase the number of teachers reached with this program as these teachers impact thousands of students with a Christian worldview.

Examples of Online Teacher Certification Success:

Paraguay Teacher Training Report

Leadership Development International

Creative Access Areas

Global Education Plus also networks with organizations in the Asia Pacific region. Through these organizations, we help create Christian schools. In addition, we believe education empowers students and provides powerful economic and social benefits to families and the community. We partner with local organizations to provide education for children and graduate students and online training and support for teachers in areas where resources are desperately needed. Through Leadership Development International, (LDi) we provided an annual bonus to twenty school teachers, too.

About Leadership Development International

For more than 30 years, LDI provides leadership development services. This includes teaching, experiential learning, and family services, around the world. Furthermore, these lay the groundwork for the relationships at the heart of their work. They use professional skills to impact people and help them discover transformation—from the inside out.