Annual Report

Global Education Plus, Inc.’s Annual Report – 2014

Global Education Plus, Inc. functions as an Educational Agency for 21 years. As a 501© non-profit we serve in over twenty Nations.

In 2014 we invested a total of $ 22,700 to Christian Education in select regions of the world. Those Regions were Central America; South America, the Caribbean as well as a Pacific Inland. Such investments were in ‘On Line Teacher Training’ that consist of approximately 600 enrolled. GEP is funding a limited number of these Teachers. We have given University Scholarships to graduating High School students. We also assisted other Agencies who serve in Thailand and neighboring Nations. To estimate the number of Schools, Teachers, and students served would be Hundreds of Schools and Teachers as well as Thousands of Students.

Global Education Plus, Inc. staff of volunteers thus allowing us to function in 2014 at a 9% administrative cost.                                                     

Dr. Bob Drummond CEO
Global Education Plus         

Paraguay Report 2012

Intensive Institute of Teacher Certification

ACSI Paraguay-Southern Cone Office, carried out the Intensive Institute of Teacher Certification (IITC) selecting 10 teachers from different schools in Paraguay. This is the sixth time that the IITC is held in the city of Asunción, Paraguay.

In fact, the financial support of Global Education Plus, the gathering of committed personnel by ACSI Paraguay-Southern Cone Office, and highly qualified speakers combined made possible this high-level training. The Institute is continuing its educational impact in this country, sowing the seed of academic change within this group of selected teachers who will share the achieved knowledge and experience in their educational community, too.

In addition, The value of the investment of many man hours in carrying out this training is immeasurable, and it is inspired by the passion that accompanies the preparation, the follow-up with the participants, and the valuable materials and practical assignments. The participation of highly qualified national speakers who have invested their time and professionalism made this training relevant in the development of Christian school education in this country.

Further, ACSI expresses its most sincere appreciation once again to the leadership of Global Education Plus for believing and trusting in the educational management of our
association to carry out this vital and historical high-level training event for the sixth consecutive time.


SchoolLocationParticipants of the IITC# of Teachers
in each school
# of Students in
each school
Heaven´s Kingdom
Christian School
San LorenzoAriel Heriberto Fernández Bogado25310
Heaven´s Kingdom
Christian School
EncarnaciónLilian Mabel Cardozo Forcado20196
Colegio Privado
“El Sendero”
Campo 9
– Caaguazú
Paola Raquel Ayala Tyrakowski25219
Colegio Privado
AsunciónMelchora Lorena Garay Villalba27249
Centro Educativo
LimpioPerla Rosaubra Velaztiquí de
Asunción Christian
AsunciónDiego Milciades González Rivas22180
Escuela Metodista
Nuevo Horizonte
LambaréNancy Graciela Arapey de Lizza51701
Colegio Johannes
Gutenberg Campo 9
Campo 9
Petrona Zorrilla Avalos25300
Centro Educativo
VillarricaLaura Agar Frutos Alfonso
Cynthia Carolina Ovelar de Bogado
9 Member Schools8 Cities10 Participants281 Teachers
in the
3116 Students
that will be


Philosophy of Education/Christian Worldview

Esteban G. Missena, Ph.D. (Paraguayan). Executive Director for the Southern Cone Office of the Association of Christian Schools International. Analysis and discussion of the different philosophical theories covering the following main topics: A) Goals of Education. B) The nature of the learner. C) The role of the teacher. D) The nature of the educational process. E) Curriculum. The need to provide a Christian worldview with an educational perspective is vital for teachers that are coming from secular institutions.

Classroom Management

María Gloria Mora, B.A.Ed.; M.Ed.-Candidate (Paraguayan). Professor of the Education School of the Evangelical University of Paraguay. Coordinator of the Christian Education Program of the Johannes Gutenberg School of Asunción. 2008 Alumni of the ACSI Intensive Institute of Teacher Certification. This workshop was developed according to lasting principles for a consistent discipline with students and considering different approaches consistent to effective practice.

Participative Methodology

Hortensia Ferreira Colombino, M.Ed. (Paraguayan). Higher Education professor, Academic Director of Villa Morra Baptist School of Asunción, member of the Consultive Board and conference speaker of ACSI Paraguay. The information that the students receive through the school subject serves as a basis to enrich their curriculum and the teacher can take advantage of a participative methodology.

Biblical Introduction

Dionisio Ortiz Mutti, Ph.D. (Paraguayan). Theology professor, writer and pastor. Emeritus President of the Evangelical University of Paraguay. The Biblical distinctive needs to be affirmed in the educational process through eternal principles, integrating faith and learning.

Biblical Integration

Ana María Demestri, M.Ed. (Argentinian/Paraguayan). Higher Education Professor and Dean of the School of Early Education of the Evangelical University of Paraguay. 2010 alumni of the ACSI
Intensive Institute of Teacher Certification. The principles of the Word of God apply in all the subjects and in every area of life. Every aspect of knowledge, every area of life and every fact in the universe has its appropriate place and explanation within the sphere of Christianity. One of the weakest areas in the teacher training in Paraguay is the development of curriculum and so this workshop was very valuable to the participants.

Director of the IITC

. The person presenting this report, Dr. Esteban G. Missena, has served as Director of the ACSI Paraguay-Southern Cone Office since 2000. He also serves as director of IITC.


The participants of IITC will receive their Teacher Certification from ACSI when they complete the basic requirements following this process:

Phase I

: Readings: “Theological Foundations of the Philosophy of Christian School Education” and “100 Ideas that Work!: Discipline in the Classroom”.

Phase II

: Five days of intensive teaching training. It includes an evaluation and self-evaluation at the end of the IITC.

Phase III

: Finishing the reading of two books (“Reclaiming the Future of Christian Education” and “Walking with God in the Classroom”), “P.R.A.I.S.E. – Effectively Guiding Behavior” and three units of “Philosophy of Christian School Education Series”, and listening to a CD audio on Christian Worldview. All these activities will be supervised under the ACSI Sakai website portal until completion.

Every participant received a set of materials as part of their scholarship.
They have ensured that all the groups trained through the Intensive Institute of Teacher Training received tools enabling them to be updated in the different techniques of teaching and learning, developing curriculum, receiving knowledge and integrating the Bible, giving them academic preparation of high level and excellence to impact the life of their students and their society.

Supervision of the Results

To follow up the results of this fourth IITC, we have the following plan:

Supervision and reception of the Teacher Certification assignments.

Weekly communications through the Sakai website portal with each participant.

Training practice to other teachers through workshops. Every teacher has to share with other member schools about what they have learned at IITC.

Graduation: There will be a special ceremony during the Intensive Institute of Teacher Certification (December 2013) to confer the diplomas of Teacher Certification to those who have completed all the requirements.


Ana María Demestri Intensive Institute of Teacher Certification

Ana María Demestri leading the Seminar on Biblical Integration

To continue growing and developing the designed project.

Continue the IITC once a year in Paraguay and open to other countries of the region.

To have the IITC as a permanent training center, having the necessary resources and facilities to hold this event once a year. The IITC will be an effective teacher training in Latin America. Based on the experience we have had in the past, we can open the invitation to other educators from different surround countries to be a part of this Institute so they can share this experience with other people and institutions in order to improve the education in their countries.

By the Participants:

Group work during one of the sessions

Group work during one of the sessions

To constantly apply the principles and knowledge received.

Share with the faculty of their school the experiences and resources of this training.

Finish and keep updated with the Teacher Certification Program requirements. To serve as instructors and speakers in training events and future Institutes of Teacher Certification.


ACSI Paraguay/Southern Cone Office recognizes the support of Global Education Plus, and expresses once again gratitude to Mr. Malcom Eudaley and the leadership of GEP who have a clear vision of the impact of this ministry within the Paraguayan society.

Activity during the Seminar on Methodology

Activity during the Seminar on Methodology

The students, the educational community and the Christian school system in Paraguay have been benefited from the high level training developed at the IITC 2012.