December Newsletter 2016

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I’ll never forget the first time I saw the school.

It was in one of the worst neighborhoods in Guatemala City. There was an overarching sense of hopelessness. Dilapidated homes and trash were on every corner, and people poured out into the streets.

My heart was heavy and I knew God led me here for a reason.

When I entered the school, everything changed. Infectious smiles of the students and teachers greeted me as I visited the simple, barely furnished classrooms. The teachers and students didn’t have much, but there was plenty of laughter and joy. It was a beacon of light among the gloom of Guatemala.

That day, it became clear. Those children and teachers needed our help.

In Guatemala, over 59% of the population lives in poverty. Many families are unable to afford the cost of uniforms, books, supplies, and transportation, forcing many children to drop out. 2 million children in Guatemala do not attend school.

We have the chance to transform Guatemala through education.

Global Education Plus began as a small ministerial organization and today, we stand strong as a non-profit that changes lives. Over the last 23 years, we’ve collaborated with local organizations in Guatemala to bring educational resources to children, students, and teachers.

Together, we can inspire children to reach their potential.

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  • Donate any amount to provide services to help children, students, and teachers
  • Provide tuition and supplies for students ages 3-12 for only $50/month

Partner with us to reach our 2017 goal of raising $50,000 to inspire hope, empower the community, and give children a chance to succeed.

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Dr. Bob Drummond, CEO

Fall Newsletter 2016

Children in need


GEP continues to develop its strategies for the coming year. With outside donor support we have invested in a marketing plan for our organization that should expand our possibilities in the coming years.

As we move into 2017, we have great expectations that our past successes will continue to be replicated in the projects we choose. We look forward to your support as we partner together to expand a Christian worldview in education for students and teachers in developing countries.

Bob Drummond, CEO

Help us raise $50,000 and educate over 100 teachers and students
Demi was our first student scholarship recipient. Growing up in Guatemala, Demi lived in poverty. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother worked as a teacher to support the family. Demi always dreamed of a better education and today, because of your donations, she is in medical school.

Demi’s story is one of many; Guatemala is the poorest country in Latin America with over 50% of the population living in poverty. Many families are unable to afford the cost of uniforms, books, supplies, and transportation. Together we can make a difference!


    Provide tuition and supplies for students ages 3-12 in Guatemala for $50/month
    Provide university or medical school training for a student in Guatemala for $83/month
    Provide a teacher’s salary in Guatemala for $300/month
    Donate any amount to provide services to help children, students, and teachers in Guatemala.



On February 22, a GEP team consisting of Bob Drummond, Alba English, and GEP’s Founder Malcolm Eudaley traveled to Guatemala for a few days of visiting with our project partners. It was an excellent opportunity for our new CEO to see first hand the work of GEP in Guatemala. We were joined by Roger Strickland of Strickland Construction as we toured a school building that his company built 10 years ago for Saber y Gracia “Wisdom & Grace” Christian School.

Rudi Pineda, the Director, kindly showed us the development of the school. More importantly, he shared the vision God has given him of building a bigger school to accommodate even more students who are interested in a quality education. It seems they are above capacity (over 400 students) at their current location and have to turn away many families who want to enroll their children.


One of the most rewarding projects at GEP is our Student Scholarship program. We were excited to see our first two recipients once again, both of whom are in their fourth year of Medical School. Abdias is another scholarship recipient who comes from a single family home where his mom works as an Avon representative and his brother as a teacher. They help pay for some of the expenses that his $1000 scholarship doesn’t cover.

It is our goal to add one or two new students to the Student Scholarship program in 2017. Just $1000 pays their yearly tuition.


We traveled into a neighborhood so dangerous that the city buses park outside its borders rather than risk going inside. Yet among all this thrives a little beacon of hope, an ACSI accredited Christian school named “Liceo Cristiano Ciudad Santa”. Sandra began the school in her garage and it has steadily grown to 150 students. Your support provides resources needed to help children learn.


As 2016 comes to a close, please prayerfully consider how you may become involved in what God is doing around the world.

1. Partner with us in prayer for clear direction and for the necessary funds to carry on the mission and vision of this organization.

2. Pray about your gift to Global Education Plus and how it can impact teachers and students with a Christian worldview.

Fall 2015 Newsletter

Briefs from CEO

gep_newsletter_fall_new-4GEP leads through an extensive strategic planning process by Team Tech, a highly experienced and effective facilitation company. This results in the development of a plan that reaffirms our past successes and strengthened our internal operations and external partnerships. Also, it provides strategies to sustain our future, too. Malcolm, kindly postponed his retirement from the Board to provide us his experience and wisdom, which will help us work through this process. As we move through the next stage, Malcolm will retire from the Board. However, he will continue to work closely with me in resource development and international planning. Malcolm has been a passionate, creative and driven founder/leader for GEP. Also, his efforts bear fruit for years to come. We all love Malcolm and deeply appreciate his life long service to the Kingdom.

The Year in Review

GEP sponsors through their partnerships:

  1. Teacher online training & certification program in Guatemala.
  2. A student scholarship program in Guatemala & Honduras.
  3. Teacher bonus salaries in a creative access country.
  4. The construction of a small medical clinic in Haiti that will train locals and help families and children of this impoverished country.

Meeting with ACSI in Colorado

gep_newsletter_fall_new-6On September 25th Dr. Bob Drummond, Brian Diddle and Alba English visited with leaders of ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) in Colorado Springs. Also, they spoke about the work of their organization around the world. And they were grateful that GEP continually partners with this fine organization as they empower schools, teachers and students to excellence through a Christian worldview.

Trip to Guatemala & China

GEP plans two trips for 2016. First, a trip to Guatemala in February. The purpose of this trip will be to survey the work that GEP has invested in over the years. And to see what potential may exist for further support in this region. For those of you who follow the news, the political climate of Guatemala has changed since their most recent presidential election. In fact, Jimmy Morales, who was formally a graduate of an ACSI school in Guatemala is now the President. He vows to stamp out corruption. He certainly will need many prayers to accomplish his aggressive program of reform. It would be an honor to meet this fine man during this visit.

Next, the second trip which will be to a Creative Access country. The purpose of this trip is to meet with leaders of Leadership Development International (LDi) and others. This will help us expand our support for the training of teachers in this region. God is moving mightily in this area of the world. It is an honor to be a part of encouraging and empowering teachers as they struggle with very little resources to teach a Christian worldview in the content areas. Also, training and materials in the native language are seriously needed for this project.

Website Update

gep_newsletter_fall_new-7Our website is up and we encourage you to visit and familiarize yourself with what GEP is doing to promote our vision of “bringing people and resources together to meet the educational, physical and spiritual needs of children and teachers in developing countries.” Also, you now have the ability to donate at our secure online site.

Looking Forward to 2016

Notably, as 2015 comes to a close, please consider a generous donation to Global Education Plus. Thus, with your support that GEP implements its vision. We will continue to invest in University scholarships for Christian school graduates. And, we will pay for online training for Christian school teachers. The $1000 a year we invest in University scholarships pays for nearly a years’ tuition for the students. Additionally, the $3750 per year we invest in online training provides 20 teachers the funds necessary to receive training for a year through the Association of Christian Schools International. This amount is small but the return on the investment is huge. If you donate, then children and teachers lives will be transformed, too. Please help us expand these efforts in transforming the lives of these students and teachers.

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Summer Newsletter 2015

final-draft-gep-newsletter-summer-201511-2Over the past few months GEP has been working with a respected webmaster to design a new website in order to better serve you, our supporters. While it is still a work in progress, we’re happy about the potential it holds for communicating with all of you. Hopefully, you will find this website easy to navigate and will feel comfortable in giving us your feedback. Our goal for the website is July.

April Board Retreat

In April we met as a board for an all-day retreat with Joel & Alice Wright as our facilitators. We put the “road out there” so to speak, reviewing the past, addressing our vision and brainstorming about the future. Our goals are many but first and foremost is to strengthen an already strong organization by implementing the great ideas that the group came up with.

New Board Members

We are happy to announce the addition of two new board members. Jay Ketterling, MBA, will join the board to help develop the Financial Infrastructure. This will create more transparency and accountability. Corey Kenney, J.D., will review our by-laws and tracking methodologies. Of course, their expertise and experience will be a great asset to the Board, too.

Meeting with Dr. Phil Basset

Recently Malcolm and Bob were privileged to meet for a few hours with Dr. Phil Bassett, a top official for Leadership Development International (LDi). It was an excellent time to discuss the work of LDi in the creative access areas and continue to partner with this fine organization to promote education and training.

Trip to Thailand

Jeanie and her husband Ken spent the month of March in Thailand. They visited with Kyle and Lara. In June of last year, they accepted the call to another assignment in Chiang Mai, Thailand after serving 17 years in northern Asia. They have three children and are home schooling the oldest ones. They are also learning the Thai language, too.

Kyle and Lara assist in the logistics and planning of training seminars for their teammates, as well as orientation programs for potential members. The orientation includes sessions on team, cross cultural ministry, marriage, core values of the organization, fund raising, leadership and stress management. Additionally, the potential members are carefully selected according to their history, vision and commitment to reach others for Christ. They come from Mongolia and surrounding “creative access” locations and raise funds for their transportation to the training center. Many of them lack financial assistance to continue their work for reaching the lost. The Lord is opening doors for another office in Asia to be created for these new members. Kyle, Lara and approximately 3,000 other international members commit to the cause of proclaiming Christ among the nations.

Jeanie and Ken experienced firsthand the work of Kyle and Lara’s ministry as well as experiencing Chiang Mai. They enjoyed exciting elephant rides, beautiful flowers, scenic parks, relaxing $5 one-hour massages, crazy driving on the right side of the car and the left side of the road, Thai food, coconut juice and exotic fruit and vegetables.

In the Works

1. July: The new GEP website will come online.

2. September: Many of the Global Education Plus Board members will be making a trip to visit the headquarters of ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. There
will be a tour of the facility and a meeting with the leadership about our partnership.

3. November: Several board members are tentatively scheduled to travel to Guatemala and also possibly Honduras to visit our ACSI partners there. Also, they will be meeting with ACSI staff and visiting
our student scholarship recipients Demi, Abdias and Zoar while also reviewing the expansion of the Student Scholarship Program for 2016. They will also visit schools that GEP helped to build in Guatemala through previous construction projects and donations of textbooks and other supplies.

4. Late Fall or Spring 2016: Several board members will be traveling to a “creative access” nation to meet with representatives of organizations we are considering networking with.

Your Investment in GEP

Please prayerfully consider how you may partner with us in expanding a Christian Worldview through education worldwide, empowering teachers and giving children a “hope and a future”.

Your tax deductible gift may be sent to:

Global Education Plus
P.O. Box 2122
Olathe, KS 66051

Once our website is up, you will be able to donate online.
Thank you!

Fall Newsletter 2014

Dear Friends,
It has been over twenty years since Global Education Plus first began our journey of investing in the lives of teachers and children. Since then we have blessed children and teachers with over $600,000. This would not have been possible without your generous support.

final-draft-gep-newsletter-summer-201511-2Our board welcomes to our team the well-respected and highly qualified Dr. Bob Drummond. He holds a doctorate degree from the University of Kansas in Counseling Psychology and a Post-doctoral certificate from Harvard University’s Institute for Educational Management. He has served in many leadership capacities in Olathe, most currently as President and CEO of KidsTLC. At MidAmerica Nazarene University, he served as Vice President for Campus Life, Professor of Psychology & Vice Chairman of Human Development, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, Director of Counseling Services and Director of Intramurals. He has served on the boards of over forty different community organizations.

Dr. Drummond, an honored community leadership skills on many occasions. We’re pleased that he has joined our team as CEO.

Looking Forward to 2015


GEP continues to provide scholarship assistance of $75 to fifty teachers from a group of over six hundred with an online continuing education & certification program in South America. The teachers reside in various Central and South American countries but connected to each other through this effective online training tool. Our goal is to double the number of teachers we reach with this program. We network with ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) in this training. ACSI is an excellent and well respected organization that serves some of the world’s neediest schools.


GEP is also networking with three additional organizations in the Asia Pacific region to assist in 73 new Christian schools. At present we partner with Leadership Development Int. (LDi) to assist them in providing an annual bonus of $80 to twenty school teachers in this area. An exploratory team from GEP hopes to travel to Asia in April 2015 to meet with some of these organizations. Pray about this potential of partnering with other groups.


GEP continues to underwrite three university students in Guatemala and Honduras by providing them with a $1000 scholarship per year. In fact, Two of these students will be starting their third year of Medical School while the third is completing her first year of study leading to Medical School. It is our goal to add two additional students in this coming year.


GEP partnered with Strickland Construction here in the US to provide six new buildings for school houses in Guatemala & the Caribbean. Such a building is scheduled in Haiti for 2015 as a result of our partnership with Randolph World Ministries, Inc. GEP shares $3,000 per building to cover the cost of a cement floor. Additionally, potential projects are in the works for Honduras, Guatemala and Puerto Rico.


Bear with us as our website is down. We are in the process of revamping this website in order to make it more user-friendly and provide you with continuous information and updates.

We are living in interesting times, but God has called us “to work while it is yet day.” Please prayerfully consider how you may partner with us in expanding a Christian Worldview through education worldwide, giving children a “hope and a future”.

Your tax-deductible gift may be sent to:
Global Education Plus
P.O. Box 2122
Olathe, KS 66051

Fall Newsletter 2012

End of Year 2012

“Stand up for the poor, help the children of the needy…” Psalms 72:4

Scholarship Recipients

gep-fall-newsletter-2012-2This Fall GEP provides scholarships to two very deserving High School graduates in Guatemala. The screening involves recommendations from the pupil’s principals, teachers and pastors, financial need and the student’s personal testimony. In a coordinated effort between ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) and GEP, we selected our participants in late August. Hence, we are happy to announce that this year’s recipients are Demi Stephani Batz Morales, who plans to study medicine at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala City while Josue David Pineda who will be attending the same University and pursuing a career in Chemical Engineering. Both Demi and David are very self-motivated students who will do well in their studies. Also, they commit to their Christian walk and grateful for this opportunity to begin their university year in January 2013 with the help of our $1000 Scholarship award.


Recently, GEP assisted TWENTY teachers who serve in THREE schools in one of these East Asian nations. These funds are for teacher bonuses. In fact, many cases these teachers receive less than a “house cleaning lady” here in the U.S. by networking with this ECFA Agency that has a base in that region, we will be able to share support for these well-deserving teachers with hopes of expanding this action in the future. Also, we have already advanced an $80 gift for each teacher this December and this is only the beginning. With your prayer and support, we hope to expand this amazing opportunity in the future.


The Paraguay Conference is December 10th—14th in Asuncion, Paraguay. Teachers register for eight courses all taught from a biblical worldview with biblical integration in the classroom. Additionally, the Guatemala Conference happens in December in Guatemala City and it will involve teachers from Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and different areas in Guatemala itself. Notably, these conferences are drawing teachers from surrounding countries because of the excellent training provided by ACSI.

Above all, We are happy to see what God will do through these teachers as they influence the students in their respective countries for Christ. In fact, GEP’s gift of $5000 per conference makes this training possible.


  • Teacher Training Conferences
  • College Scholarships for Students
  • Support for Teachers in East Asia

June 2012 Newsletter


This year Global Education Plus (GEP) sponsors two Teacher Extension Conferences in cialis generique partnership with ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) in Guatemala & Paraguay. Each event will have approximately twenty-five teachers and is equivalent to a Masters Degree level course. These training events help equip the teachers with tools to incorporate Christian values into their teaching. The conferences generally last five days as well as includes a total about 47 hours of intensive training. In addition to this, each teacher commits to sharing his/her training with fellow teachers in their respective schools, thereby impacting approximately 5,000 students with a Christian worldview at a cost of only $5,000.

GEP’s investment each year makes it possible for teachers to enroll. In fact, Food, lodging, print materials and professional services for the classes are provided through your GIFTS to these important teacher training conferences.


Additionally, GEP works to provide Scholarships to High School graduates to attend Latin American Universities. These students will be graduates of the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) in Guatemala and Paraguay. And, Principals, teachers, pastors and staff of ACSI screen for deserving candidates. A student’s basic cost for one year of college education can be met for approximately $1000 per year.


GEP is considering an involvement opportunity to underwrite the support of qualified teachers who serve in a restricted culture. Therefore, an established agency with several years experience in this region would provide oversight for his/her activity. We specialize in “networking” with such reputable agencies. If you would like further information on this particular project contact