Fall Newsletter 2016

Children in need


GEP continues to develop its strategies for the coming year. With outside donor support we have invested in a marketing plan for our organization that should expand our possibilities in the coming years.

As we move into 2017, we have great expectations that our past successes will continue to be replicated in the projects we choose. We look forward to your support as we partner together to expand a Christian worldview in education for students and teachers in developing countries.

Bob Drummond, CEO

Help us raise $50,000 and educate over 100 teachers and students
Demi was our first student scholarship recipient. Growing up in Guatemala, Demi lived in poverty. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother worked as a teacher to support the family. Demi always dreamed of a better education and today, because of your donations, she is in medical school.

Demi’s story is one of many; Guatemala is the poorest country in Latin America with over 50% of the population living in poverty. Many families are unable to afford the cost of uniforms, books, supplies, and transportation. Together we can make a difference!


    Provide tuition and supplies for students ages 3-12 in Guatemala for $50/month
    Provide university or medical school training for a student in Guatemala for $83/month
    Provide a teacher’s salary in Guatemala for $300/month
    Donate any amount to provide services to help children, students, and teachers in Guatemala.



On February 22, a GEP team consisting of Bob Drummond, Alba English, and GEP’s Founder Malcolm Eudaley traveled to Guatemala for a few days of visiting with our project partners. It was an excellent opportunity for our new CEO to see first hand the work of GEP in Guatemala. We were joined by Roger Strickland of Strickland Construction as we toured a school building that his company built 10 years ago for Saber y Gracia “Wisdom & Grace” Christian School.

Rudi Pineda, the Director, kindly showed us the development of the school. More importantly, he shared the vision God has given him of building a bigger school to accommodate even more students who are interested in a quality education. It seems they are above capacity (over 400 students) at their current location and have to turn away many families who want to enroll their children.


One of the most rewarding projects at GEP is our Student Scholarship program. We were excited to see our first two recipients once again, both of whom are in their fourth year of Medical School. Abdias is another scholarship recipient who comes from a single family home where his mom works as an Avon representative and his brother as a teacher. They help pay for some of the expenses that his $1000 scholarship doesn’t cover.

It is our goal to add one or two new students to the Student Scholarship program in 2017. Just $1000 pays their yearly tuition.


We traveled into a neighborhood so dangerous that the city buses park outside its borders rather than risk going inside. Yet among all this thrives a little beacon of hope, an ACSI accredited Christian school named “Liceo Cristiano Ciudad Santa”. Sandra began the school in her garage and it has steadily grown to 150 students. Your support provides resources needed to help children learn.


As 2016 comes to a close, please prayerfully consider how you may become involved in what God is doing around the world.

1. Partner with us in prayer for clear direction and for the necessary funds to carry on the mission and vision of this organization.

2. Pray about your gift to Global Education Plus and how it can impact teachers and students with a Christian worldview.

Guatemala Education Charities

Hope Begins at School

It was one of the worst neighborhoods in Guatemala City.

There seemed to be an overarching sense of hopelessness as I made my way through the area. Dilapidated homes were on every corner and people were pouring out into the streets, too.

As I drove up to the Christian school and saw it for the first time, I was overcome by emotions. On the outside of the school, there was a sense of sadness. A fence surrounded the property, heavy bars were on all the windows, and a solid, steel door stood before me. On the outside, it looked no more a school than a prison. My heart was heavy. However, I knew God’s intentions lead Global Education Plus here.

Once I entered the school, everything changed. Infectious smiles of the students and teachers greeted me as I visited the simple classrooms. Throughout the school, there was a pervasive climate of hope and expectation. The school didn’t have much. But, there was plenty of laughter and joy. It was a beacon of light among the gloom of Guatemala.

It’s amazing that one building with nearly 150 children captured the essence of GEP’s values. This school was a concrete demonstration of our vision and mission.

That day, it became clear. Those children and teachers needed help. They needed us, too.

Now more than ever do we have the chance to transform Guatemala through education. And I humbly ask you to join GEP as we work to end poverty in Guatemala. I am asking on behalf of the children and teachers who need our support. Equally important, we can provide the much needed tuition, textbooks and other educational resources. Help GEP reach our 2017 goal of raising $50,000 to also empower the community. Give children the chance to succeed.

Together, we can change the lives in Guatemala.

Donate today. Guatemala needs us.

God Bless,
Dr. Bob Drummond.