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Your Donations to Guatemala students at Work

Abdias is from Huehuetenango in northern Guatemala.  He graduated from Tabernacle of Faith high school and attends the Universidad Mariano Galvez de Guatemala in Huehuetenango. His father left the family five years ago so his mom and brother’s contribute what they can to helping him with college expenses. Abdias He has two brothers and one sister and he credits his older brother with encouraging him to pursue his dream. In fact, he hopes to become a neural surgeon when he graduates from medical school.

He attends a church called Iglesia de Dios Evangelio Completo – Casa de Amor. Also, he plays trumpet in the church music team; works with the TV ministry and works with youth.  He is also treasurer of his Youth Group.  Abdias always has a wonderful attitude about life and a strong faith that God will provide for his needs and help him achieve his goals.  

His total cost for one year including fees, registration and books is $1125 in American dollars.  He lives at home to save money.  In his spare time he loves to play ping-pong.  He won second place in a country-wide, individual performance tournament in ping-pong.  His brother is a sports trainer in this and Abdias has helped him train children in ping-pong in their local gym.


Your donations have made a difference in Demi’s life

program scholarshipDemi is our first student scholarship recipient.  She graduated at the top of her class from William Cornelius high school and currently attends the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala in Guatemala City.  Demi is one of two children in her family.  Her mother works as a teacher to support the family because her father is an alcoholic who does not contribute much to their support. Demi praises her mom with always providing her and her brother with opportunities to read and learn.

Demi attends an evangelical church where she has been involved in children’s ministry for 9 years. Also, she and three of her friends started a prayer group in her school. Demi’s creativity allows her to participate in archaeology and art competitions, winning first place.

Demi credits her uncle, who was like a father to her, with encouraging her to pursue her dreams.  She chooses the career path of medicine with an emphasis on oncology because he died of cancer four years ago. She wants to work toward a cure for cancer.  Demi is in her third year of medical school taking a heavy load. The school year in Guatemala whether it’s public schools or universities is from January to November.  In her fourth year she hopes to intern at the hospital near her school while continuing to study.  Demi tells us that in order to become a doctor you must have 3 years of theory, 3 years of hospital internship and 3 years of specialty.  She is relying on her faith and trust in God to help her move forward.

The Best of the Best: Elsa’s Story

elsaElsa represents the best of the best in a developing nation. We first met this school teacher and principal when she was a 32 years old widow. Her school, the Berea Christian School had an enrollment of 150 children in the highlands of rural Guatemala.The school board would always meet with us on our visits and share their well organized financial records along with a report of the actions they were taking to give the school proper direction, too.

Elsa’s young husband died of a brain tumor two years prior to our meeting. She invited us to the small house that she and her husband had purchased prior to his illness. It sat on two lots and one of them was vacant. There we ate a simple meal with her.

On our second visit to Elsa, our team visited her home again. This time she invited us to see her back yard. There she showed us the adjoining lot. A work crew poured footings for someone’s new home. She sold the land in order to pay her husband’s medical bills. She donated to her church as well as her school. We stood in amazement as she told this story. As we walked back to the school we didn’t say much. On our arrival, standing at the edge of this school property, Dr. Chris Halvorson stopped and simply said, “Okay fellas, it’s time to empty your pockets.” Our organization had already given her a gift. When we emptied our pockets we had $2,313 to share with Elsa and her school children. We gave the gift at our final meeting with the teachers and children in a chapel service.

GEP Building Project

The school board was present. They showed us their budget needs to finish the second floor of a twelve room school they were building. The budget need was $2307 and it was graciously supplied with our offering. They used the additional money to complete the third floor of this masonry school building.

Over the years GEP has shared scholarship funds with Elsa in order for her to complete her college degree at a University in Guatemala City. Each Saturday morning at 4:30 a.m. she would board what I called a chicken bus to travel to the University. The buses packed with people, chickens, coffee beans, produce and kids. The drive to her university was a three hour drive one way. Elsa attended four classes with a break for a sack lunch she brought along. Then in the evening she would be back on the bus for the long journey home. Elsa completed her degree program under these difficult circumstances.

On our last visit to Elsa’s school she took our Team to her home again. There had been no improvements made to her house. It looked the same. Simple. When our visit was over we had a moment of prayer with Elsa. While we were standing in a circle fervently praying a fast moving thunder storm enveloped the area and rain came down in torrents with water pouring through the roof in a steady stream into the center of our circle. We continued praying, finished up and returned to Elsa’s school.

Written by Malcolm Eudaley, Founder.

Donate today to help other teachers like Elsa succeed.

Dr. Bob Drummond, CEO

Dr. Bob Drummond

Since 1993 Global Education Plus (GEP) has provided transformational experiences to students and teachers in some of the most economically and educationally challenged countries in the world. Thousands of children have been given opportunities through its efforts,too.

It will be Dr. Bob Drummond’s privilege to continue the rich history of our founder, Rev. Malcolm Eudaley, as well as bring together people and resources that provide hope and possibilities to children in harsh circumstances. Our financial assistance to these children open the door to address their educational, spiritual and physical needs.

GEP has forged strategic partnerships with organizations such as the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Leadership Development Institute (LDi) that has helped us to leverage your dollars to maximize their impact on children’s lives.

My entire career was spent in the non-profit sector of education and children’s services. Dr. Bob Drummond has personally witnessed the life-changing effect of philanthropy that has been invested in children. It is my commitment to see that your gift will achieve transformational impact through stretching your dollars in countries whose economy is such that American dollars have a significantly higher “buying power” than they have in the U.S.

We encourage you to allow us to provide transformational experiences. Help GEP move these children from poverty to successful and productive citizens in their respective countries.

Thank you and may God bless you!

Dr. Bob Drummond’s Summary and Qualifications

  • Post-doctoral leadership training at Harvard University
  • Background encompasses over 30 years of highly effective and successful leadership experience that includes exceptionally strong skills in financial management and leadership development.
  • Demonstrated the judgment, drive, work ethic, creativity, decision making skills and strategic abilities to exceed expectations in every leadership role held.
  • Excellent communicator, collaborator, team and consensus builder, vision maker, results oriented, high energy multi-tasked leader with excellent interpersonal skills.

Professional Experience

KidsTLC, OLATHE, KS 2001-2014

President and CEO

Responsible for providing dynamic leadership to a staff of over 235 employees that serve thousands of children and youth each year. Provide leadership to a 33 member Board of Directors, 13-member Foundation Board, and Board of Advisors. Initiated a Board of Directors’ orientation program, community relations, annual giving and grant writing programs, business plans and established a TLC Charities Foundation. Rated among the top 3% of charities in America for sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency. Clinically licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Counselor. 30 years of clinical practice.


  • Raised over $50 million in annual, endowment, and capital gifts. Built and remodeled eight buildings.
  • Campus capital improvements of over $20 million in from 2006-2013.
  • Purchased Kansas City Behavioral Analysts to jump start our Autism program.
  • Exceeded $6.95 million goal for 2009-2012 campaign and built a 27,000 square foot state-of-the-art wellness center and initiated Behavioral Health & Autism programs.
  • Designated among the top 3% of all U.S. charities for financial management by Charity Navigator.
  • Refocused the agency on our primary mission; created a highly successful strategic plan; reinvented resource development department into one of the most successful in the region; developed new funding streams, new programs, increased clients served by 350% since 2003.
  • Exceeded the 2005-2007 $7.9 million capital campaign goal by $2.8 million and more than doubled the size of the TLC campus.
  • Collaborated with USD 233 for them to build a state of the art 14,000 square foot school on the TLC campus plus purchased two tracks of new land to expand the campus.
  • Raised funds to develop 1st class IT system and world class website.
  • Acquired KEYS Youth Services including $1.2 million in assets and $1.5 million in revenue.
  • Marketing, rebranding and media plans that have created unprecedented recognition for KidsTLC and additional funding streams such as 5 federal earmarks.
  • Created a significant employee benefit package, purchased new accounting, fundraising and client management software, and eliminated all deferred maintenance on campus.
  • Established TLC Charities Foundation with a $2.3 million endowment, $1.3 million in planned gifts and healthy operating reserves
  • Held a number of leadership positions on elected and volunteer boards for over three decades.


Vice President for Campus Life


Professor of Psychology and Chairman of Human Development Division

Responsible for teaching, curriculum development and academic leadership of the departments of Physical Education, Psychology, Sociology, and Teacher Education (largest academic division).


Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Responsible for enrollment planning, coordination of recruitment, and retention activities. Provided leadership to a staff of eight.


Director of Counseling Services

Responsibility was setting up the first counseling services for the University that included providing psychological & career development services.


Director of Intramurals

Responsibilities included planning and operation of extensive intramural program.


Resident Director for Snowbarger and Lanpher Men’s Residence Halls.


Honors and Awards

2014 Citizen of the Year (Olathe Chamber of Commerce)

Mayor’s Cathedral Builder Award for extraordinary vision and contribution in building a great community by City of Olathe (2011)

Chosen the 45th Most Influential Person in Olathe’s History (2008)

Dr. Robert Drummond Day proclamation by City of Olathe (2007)

John T. Barton Distinguished Service Award from City of Olathe. The highest award given by theCity of Olathe (2007)

Distinguished Community Service Award from MidAmerica Nazarene University (2007)

OP Award from Overland Park Chamber (2006)

United Community Services Award for Excellence in Community Service (2005)

Olathe Chamber of Commerce Corporate Citizen of the Year (2005)

Character Award for Civic & Community Service, Olathe Character Council (2004)

Rotarian Fourway Test Award from the Santa Fe Rotary Club in Olathe, KS (2004)

Rotarian of the Year Award from the Santa Fe Rotary Club in Olathe, KS (2003)

Administrator of the Year, MidAmerica Nazarene University (1991)

Community/Church Activities

Member, Olathe Rotary Club, Olathe, KS (2011-2014)

Member, Board of Trustees, Johnson County Community College (2015)

Member and Vice-Chair, Board of Trustees, Johnson County Community College (2012-2013)

Member and Treasurer, Board of Trustees, Johnson County Community College (2009-2012)

Member, Board of Trustees, United Way of Greater Kansas City (2007-2012)

Co-Chair, United Way of Greater Kansas City Human Service Leadership Council, (2007-2008)

Co-Chair, Leadership Council, United Way of Greater Kansas City agencies (2007-2008)

Member, Kansas Health Foundation Leadership Conference, Kansas Health Foundation (2007)

Johnson County Early Childhood Leadership Team (2007)

President, Board of Directors, Children’s Alliance of Kansas (2006-2008)

Member, Board of Directors, United Way of Johnson County (2006-2007)

Member, National Planning Committee, Alliance for Children and Families (2006-2008)

Chair, Statewide Residential Treatment Committee, Children’s Alliance of Kansas (2005-2006)

President, Board of Education,. Olathe Unified School District (1994-96, 2000-2001, 2005-2006)

Member, Northeast Chamber of Johnson County (2005-present)

Member, District Advisory Board for Kansas City District Church of the Nazarene (2006-2011)

Member, United Way Youth Policy Council (2005)

Chairman, Board of Trustees, TLC Charities Foundation (2004-2014)

Executive Committee, Children’s Coordinating Council of Johnson County (2004-2014)

Vice-President, Board of Directors, Children’s Alliance of Kansas (2004-2006)

Vice-President, Board of Education, Olathe Unified School District (1992-94, 1999-2000 and 2004-2005)

Member, Board of Directors, Olathe, KS Chamber of Commerce (2004-2006)

Member, City of Olathe 150th Anniversary Committee (2004-2006)

Member, Human Service Facility Planning Committee for Johnson County (2004-2005)

Member, Chamber of Commerce, Overland Park, KS (2002-present)

Member, Chamber of Commerce, Lenexa, KS (2002-present)

Member, Santa Fe Rotary Club, Olathe, KS (2001-2007)

Member, Children’s Coordinating Council of Johnson County (2001-2014)

Member, Board of Directors, The Children’s Alliance of Kansas (2001-2014)

Member, Olathe Chamber of Commerce (2001-present)

Member, Safe from the Start, Planning Committee for Johnson County to address domestic violence (2001-2003)

Member, Governor’s Task Force on Johnson County Soccer Complex (2002)

Member, Navigating the Future Professional Leadership Committee for Johnson County to address Human Service needs for the next ten years (2002-2003)

Co-Chair, Board of Education and City Council Collaborative Committee (2000-2001, 2005-2006)

Member, City of Olathe Planning and Parks and Recreation Committee (1992-1993)

Member, MidAmerica Nazarene Foundation Board (1992-2009)

Member, Johnson County Area Vocational-Technical School Coordinating Board of Control (1990-1992)

Member, Olathe Salvation Army Advisory Board (1987-1989)

Member, Board of Education, Olathe Unified School District (1989-2007)

Member, Board of Directors, Kansas Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (1987-1989)

Member, Board of Trustees, College Church of the Nazarene (20 years)

Church and Seminar Speaker on various topics related to marriage, parenting, divorce, personal adjustment, etc. (1975-present)


Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Post-doctoral certificate from the Institute for Educational Management.

University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
Received an Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology and Higher Education Leadership.

University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
Received an M.S. in Counseling Psychology

Morningside College, Sioux City, Iowa
Received B.S. in Education, History and Psychology

Professional Affiliations

Clinical member, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Clinical member, Kansas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Lifetime member, American Counseling Association

Lifetime member, Christian Association for Psychological Studies