Fall 2015 Newsletter

Briefs from CEO

gep_newsletter_fall_new-4GEP leads through an extensive strategic planning process by Team Tech, a highly experienced and effective facilitation company. This results in the development of a plan that reaffirms our past successes and strengthened our internal operations and external partnerships. Also, it provides strategies to sustain our future, too. Malcolm, kindly postponed his retirement from the Board to provide us his experience and wisdom, which will help us work through this process. As we move through the next stage, Malcolm will retire from the Board. However, he will continue to work closely with me in resource development and international planning. Malcolm has been a passionate, creative and driven founder/leader for GEP. Also, his efforts bear fruit for years to come. We all love Malcolm and deeply appreciate his life long service to the Kingdom.

The Year in Review

GEP sponsors through their partnerships:

  1. Teacher online training & certification program in Guatemala.
  2. A student scholarship program in Guatemala & Honduras.
  3. Teacher bonus salaries in a creative access country.
  4. The construction of a small medical clinic in Haiti that will train locals and help families and children of this impoverished country.

Meeting with ACSI in Colorado

gep_newsletter_fall_new-6On September 25th Dr. Bob Drummond, Brian Diddle and Alba English visited with leaders of ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) in Colorado Springs. Also, they spoke about the work of their organization around the world. And they were grateful that GEP continually partners with this fine organization as they empower schools, teachers and students to excellence through a Christian worldview.

Trip to Guatemala & China

GEP plans two trips for 2016. First, a trip to Guatemala in February. The purpose of this trip will be to survey the work that GEP has invested in over the years. And to see what potential may exist for further support in this region. For those of you who follow the news, the political climate of Guatemala has changed since their most recent presidential election. In fact, Jimmy Morales, who was formally a graduate of an ACSI school in Guatemala is now the President. He vows to stamp out corruption. He certainly will need many prayers to accomplish his aggressive program of reform. It would be an honor to meet this fine man during this visit.

Next, the second trip which will be to a Creative Access country. The purpose of this trip is to meet with leaders of Leadership Development International (LDi) and others. This will help us expand our support for the training of teachers in this region. God is moving mightily in this area of the world. It is an honor to be a part of encouraging and empowering teachers as they struggle with very little resources to teach a Christian worldview in the content areas. Also, training and materials in the native language are seriously needed for this project.

Website Update

gep_newsletter_fall_new-7Our website www.globaleducationplus.org is up and we encourage you to visit and familiarize yourself with what GEP is doing to promote our vision of “bringing people and resources together to meet the educational, physical and spiritual needs of children and teachers in developing countries.” Also, you now have the ability to donate at our secure online site.

Looking Forward to 2016

Notably, as 2015 comes to a close, please consider a generous donation to Global Education Plus. Thus, with your support that GEP implements its vision. We will continue to invest in University scholarships for Christian school graduates. And, we will pay for online training for Christian school teachers. The $1000 a year we invest in University scholarships pays for nearly a years’ tuition for the students. Additionally, the $3750 per year we invest in online training provides 20 teachers the funds necessary to receive training for a year through the Association of Christian Schools International. This amount is small but the return on the investment is huge. If you donate, then children and teachers lives will be transformed, too. Please help us expand these efforts in transforming the lives of these students and teachers.

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!