Annual Report

Global Education Plus, Inc.’s Annual Report – 2014

Global Education Plus, Inc. functions as an Educational Agency for 21 years. As a 501© non-profit we serve in over twenty Nations.

In 2014 we invested a total of $ 22,700 to Christian Education in select regions of the world. Those Regions were Central America; South America, the Caribbean as well as a Pacific Inland. Such investments were in ‘On Line Teacher Training’ that consist of approximately 600 enrolled. GEP is funding a limited number of these Teachers. We have given University Scholarships to graduating High School students. We also assisted other Agencies who serve in Thailand and neighboring Nations. To estimate the number of Schools, Teachers, and students served would be Hundreds of Schools and Teachers as well as Thousands of Students.

Global Education Plus, Inc. staff of volunteers thus allowing us to function in 2014 at a 9% administrative cost.                                                     

Dr. Bob Drummond CEO
Global Education Plus