Fall Newsletter 2012

End of Year 2012

“Stand up for the poor, help the children of the needy…” Psalms 72:4

Scholarship Recipients

gep-fall-newsletter-2012-2This Fall GEP provides scholarships to two very deserving High School graduates in Guatemala. The screening involves recommendations from the pupil’s principals, teachers and pastors, financial need and the student’s personal testimony. In a coordinated effort between ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) and GEP, we selected our participants in late August. Hence, we are happy to announce that this year’s recipients are Demi Stephani Batz Morales, who plans to study medicine at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala City while Josue David Pineda who will be attending the same University and pursuing a career in Chemical Engineering. Both Demi and David are very self-motivated students who will do well in their studies. Also, they commit to their Christian walk and grateful for this opportunity to begin their university year in January 2013 with the help of our $1000 Scholarship award.


Recently, GEP assisted TWENTY teachers who serve in THREE schools in one of these East Asian nations. These funds are for teacher bonuses. In fact, many cases these teachers receive less than a “house cleaning lady” here in the U.S. by networking with this ECFA Agency that has a base in that region, we will be able to share support for these well-deserving teachers with hopes of expanding this action in the future. Also, we have already advanced an $80 gift for each teacher this December and this is only the beginning. With your prayer and support, we hope to expand this amazing opportunity in the future.


The Paraguay Conference is December 10th—14th in Asuncion, Paraguay. Teachers register for eight courses all taught from a biblical worldview with biblical integration in the classroom. Additionally, the Guatemala Conference happens in December in Guatemala City and it will involve teachers from Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and different areas in Guatemala itself. Notably, these conferences are drawing teachers from surrounding countries because of the excellent training provided by ACSI.

Above all, We are happy to see what God will do through these teachers as they influence the students in their respective countries for Christ. In fact, GEP’s gift of $5000 per conference makes this training possible.


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  • College Scholarships for Students
  • Support for Teachers in East Asia