June 2012 Newsletter


This year Global Education Plus (GEP) sponsors two Teacher Extension Conferences in cialis generique partnership with ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) in Guatemala & Paraguay. Each event will have approximately twenty-five teachers and is equivalent to a Masters Degree level course. These training events help equip the teachers with tools to incorporate Christian values into their teaching. The conferences generally last five days as well as includes a total about 47 hours of intensive training. In addition to this, each teacher commits to sharing his/her training with fellow teachers in their respective schools, thereby impacting approximately 5,000 students with a Christian worldview at a cost of only $5,000.

GEP’s investment each year makes it possible for teachers to enroll. In fact, Food, lodging, print materials and professional services for the classes are provided through your GIFTS to these important teacher training conferences.


Additionally, GEP works to provide Scholarships to High School graduates to attend Latin American Universities. These students will be graduates of the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) in Guatemala and Paraguay. And, Principals, teachers, pastors and staff of ACSI screen for deserving candidates. A student’s basic cost for one year of college education can be met for approximately $1000 per year.


GEP is considering an involvement opportunity to underwrite the support of qualified teachers who serve in a restricted culture. Therefore, an established agency with several years experience in this region would provide oversight for his/her activity. We specialize in “networking” with such reputable agencies. If you would like further information on this particular project contact bob@globaleducationplus.org.